Driving away from NYC

Full moon, dramatic.

Finishing packing, cleaning the apartment, loading the truck – took all day. Arnie was a godsend, as she had been for the previous several days.

After an emotional farewell, driving down the Jersey turnpike with sadness for what I was leaving behind but looking forward to the future.

Back to that full moon – at the end of one summer at nature camp, the director gave us a challenge – find a way to store all the good energy of that place somewhere so we can access it throughout the school year ahead. Later that night, I took a walk. Pink Floyd’s “Echoes” was on my Walkman. I looked up at the full moon, and decided to store all the love and support in the moon. Whenever I was feeling down, I could look up and retrieve those good feelings. Like being given a hug by the moon.

So here I am driving down the turnpike with tears in my eyes, and I look up and see the full moon with glorious clouds surrounding. After a while, I realize the radio had landed on Floyd’s “Echoes”. I am not making this up. What the ?>@#! That’s a pretty obscure track – 23 minutes of avant-garde madness. Wow. Some kind of sign that I’m doing something right.

Although I know I am doing the right thing and will have fantastic adventures to come, at the moment I have only the sadness of the loss of my life in New York. My friends and partner. The fantastically polyglot city with it’s glorious architecture and a million stories running all over each other.

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