Arrival in El Salvador

Just a quick note to say that I’m in El Salvador now, in the capital (San Salvador). I have a new phone number: +503 753 438 46. Not sure if I can receive texts, try me.

My hostel is down the street from the largest mall in Central America. If it weren’t for the signs in Spanish, I would think I was in Naples, FL or San Jose, CA. Very surreal, and not what I expected to find here!

Contributing to the culture shock is that they phased out the Colon (their old currency) a few years back, in favor of U.S. Dollars. I haven’t used dollars in three months, it feels strange.

Meeting up with George tonight. His sister lives here. I might stay with them the next few nights.
I have a cold, damn it! But the weather is nice – dry and warm. Took a nice 1st class bus here.. easy border crossing, didn’t even stamp passport.

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  • Hiske says:

    Hi Josh,
    Happy merry and WARM Xmas to you! Wish you a wonderful adventurous, thrilling and happy 2009.
    Sure Holland isn’t on your list? You are welcome!
    Take care. I’m gonna spend some days on reading your blogs properly. Have been speedreading them so far…
    Big hug and talk to you soon.
    PS: did you receive my text message?

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