Feliz Navidad!

The great thing about carrying everything I need to live on my back is that I can pick up and walk away from an unpleasant situation at any time. I left Managua for Granada today, and I am much happier. Granada is a pretty colonial town, very walkable and approachable. It feels safe, the people are friendly, and there is gringo food.
I figured out transport back to the airport to pick up Rissie tonight, so that’s a relief.

I ran across a Christmas parade tonight (click for video). It was great fun, very casual and relaxed. Kids in nativity costumes, a rag-tag bunch of musicians sloppily playing tunes, a car with bullhorns on top blasting other songs. Donkeys, but no camels 🙁
They ended up at the main church, marched right in (sans animals), and the chaos continued. I love how relaxed and informal it was, not at all serious and religious.

In Latin America, they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve. I’m still surprised, though, how it’s largely business as usual. A lot of shops and restaurants are closed, but a lot are still open.

I probably won’t post much if at all for the next week, as Marissa and I will be tearing up the country together.

I wish you and yours much love this holiday season.

Don't take this as an endorsement of Christianity - it's just a pretty picture!

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  • Vikki says:

    Dear JJ,
    Thinking of you on your travels and hoping you are having a very merry Christmas day. I’m glad you have a good friend to spend some time with. We have tons of snow here as I’m sure you’ve heard. The snow makes me remember a long ago Christmas and our trek to the hot springs and completely losing track of time and everyday life. It was magical! Hope you are creating more memories like those on your current journey.

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