Carnival: day 3

Another day, another parade. I don’t know how they keep it up – I’m exhausted, and I’m only sitting in the shade all day!

Today’s parade is called “Gran Parada de Fantasia”, and is meant to be all the modern and new ideas in dance, music and costumes. To be honest, I can’t see much difference between today and the first day. Once again, hundreds of groups – they were rushing by, and it lasted about four or five hours. Going on at the same time in the stadium was the battle of the bands, which would have been fun to catch. But like I said, it’s impossible to see it all.

Today the police were handing out literature that I thought was a program for the parade. As near as I could tell, however, it was a pamphlet on how to live a good and honest life. Hm, interesting approach for them to take. But I discovered upon reading the fine print that it was written by one L. Ron Hubbard, of Scientology fame. It’s got some great precepts in it, but of course I take exception to religions as businesses (why are they not taxed??) Their creation theory, though, is so totally wacko, it makes wonderful reading if you need a good laugh. I wonder how the Colombian state police force got mixed up in all this nonsense.

Speaking of police turning a blind eye, it turns out that red lights are merely suggestions to slow down. Most cabbies honk incessantly as they approach one, warning the traffic that has the right-of-way that they’re about to come barreling through the intersection. This happens in full view of police, who don’t seem to care.

I arrived at the palco before either of my new friends, but a girl I met yesterday called me over. We attempted to chat for a while but the language gap was really huge. Still, at the end of the day her mother came over to make sure we exchanged numbers! After the parade I went to eat with both groups that I had hung out with the last couple of days, then went back to German’s house to rest up before going out. They all ended up crashing, however, and I was feeling pretty wiped myself. So I eventually called it a night, I just couldn’t get up the energy by myself. I had thought Juan and Mayra were in for the night as well, but they texted me at 1am saying they were at a great party and I should get over there. I probably should have, but was already in bed and declined. Woke up the next morning to find another text from them a few hours later that the party was really rockin’ and why was I not there??


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