I stood here for a while, but nothing happened!

I stood here for a while, but nothing happened!

"I stood here for a while, but nothing happened!"

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Some of the comments:

“Did you stare at an Orange Juice box because it had the word CONCENTRATE written on it?”

“Did you stare at a Ford because the car had the word FOCUS written on it?”

Did you try saying “Enterprise, one to beam up”?

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  • JDF says:

    Cracked me up!

  • JDF says:

    Part II: If I stare at it a really long time can I Teleport to see you? I want an eighty cent beer!

  • Rocío says:

    “Nothing like flying thru the woods only to be stopped in your tracks by a 1-ton bull and his harem blocking the path.
    Why did you stop?!!? I bet if you kept “flying” disturbing the bull and his harem… you would fly for real… hahahaha!!!

    “40-oz. beer for 80¢!” What!?!?! Too expensive… I can get it for 50¢ 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛

    “I thought roosters only crowed at dawn, not all night?!” You are in Ecuador kid… roosters crow whenever they want…


  • German says:

    Hey! I think you forgot to say “beam me up Scotty”… greetings from your friends in Colombia.

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