Same typeface as Microsoft

Same typeface as Microsoft


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  • Rob says:

    Just got back from my first trip to Ecuador. Something I have not seen you mention–I think every shirt I saw on a person with some corporate logo was fake! My favorite was an NFL jersey for the “Seattle Seanawks”. Also loved the backpacks for sale with both McDonald’s and Nike logos sewn on! Tres chic!

    • Josh says:

      Good observation, Rob – I don’t recall noticing the fake logos on clothing. McDonalds and Nike on the same pack, that’s funny! I wonder what feelings those logos are meant to evoke in the consumer.

      Not that it bothers me since I’m against copyright, but it’s interesting to notice just how blatant copyright infringement is down here. From the brick-and-mortar stores selling pirated DVDs to offices running unlicensed software to stores using photos of famous American actors on promotional material, there isn’t even a passing nod to intellectual property considerations. Love it.

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