Host family

Host family

L to R: Grandpa; daughter of one sister; Sister; Manche the grandma; Me; John the director of the school; a fellow student.
Fanny, the wife of John and co-director of the school, is taking the photo. We’re also missing a couple of other sisters and siblings.
Note how we’re all wearing heavy jackets in the living room!

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  • Your Aunt Marty says:

    1. I was directing a friend to your blog the other day and she asked me why you had chosen South America, as opposed to one of our other fine continents? I said I didn’t know, but would ask. Why did you choose SA?

    (She would choose SA also, I would choose Africa or Asia, another friend who was there would choose the general area of Indonesia and SE Asia, and another felt there could be no choice but Eastern Europe where the Euro-Islamic cultures meet. I’m sure it there’d been more people there’d have been other equally ‘obvious’ choices.)

    2. I think you should go farther away from earthquakes, mudslides, floods, and volcanoes. There have been few months I haven’t had to go check your blog to see if you’re in the location of the latest natural disaster. Just sayin’…

    • Josh says:

      Good question. I chose Latin America for a few reasons:
      Whereas I have traveled at least a bit in most other parts of the world, Latin America remained a place that I knew very little about. I’ve always liked the music, food, people and culture that I’ve known from here, but had seen very little of it first-hand.
      Most of the countries are fairly cheap to travel in, so you can really make your money last down here (as evidenced by the fact that I’ve lasted six months longer than I thought I would). It’s not as cheap as SE Asia, which was the other region I was considering.
      Now this may sound strange, but follow my logic here – I had a well-paying job before I left the States, so I was able to save a good chunk of change – probably more than I’ll have for many years to come – so I thought, let’s save the cheaper destinations (SE Asia) for when I’m poor again, and use this opportunity to see Latin America while I have the money. In hindsight, I think it was a good choice for other reasons – the Latin culture has enough similarities to my home culture (or I’m able to find ties to my home culture, whether it be foods, TV programs, etc) that I don’t feel like an alien adrift in another world (most of the time, at least). I don’t think this would have been the case in SE Asia – I probably would have gone batty after a year of travel there. Maybe not, who knows.
      Africa has never really appealed to me for a variety of reasons. I love what I’ve seen of Eastern Europe and I’d love to see more, but it’s certainly not as cheap.

      2. Thanks for your concern! I feel the love. I certainly have been counting my blessings what with all the near-misses I’ve had.

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