portraitThis is the blog of Josh Johnson, who left New York City in September 2008 to vagabond through Latin America. Thoughts, feelings, impressions, photos, video and audio are all posted to give friends and family a feel for the journey.

I began the trip by enrolling in six weeks of Spanish school at Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. I lived with a Mayan family and made some great friends during that time. With that bit of Español under my belt, I spent the next five months exploring Central America. I saw most of Guatemala, part of Belize, most of Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. I passed through Costa Rica quickly – too expensive and too many gringos. I spent a fair amount of time in Panama before jumping the Darien Gap into Colombia.

I ended up spending four months in Colombia before finally moving on to Ecuador, where I spent four and a half months. Once again, I only intended to spend a couple of months in Peru – which turned into five months. [Do you sense a theme? I keep falling love with people and places, and with no timeline nor deadlines, there’s no real reason to move on quickly.] Finally running out of money, I passed through Bolivia in only six weeks.

I am currently in northern Argentina, which I will not be able to see much of due to lack of funds. Southern Argentina (Patagonia) will have to wait until the weather warms up – it’s currently frigid winter there. I will unfortunately have to skip Brazil and Chile on this trip, since they are the most expensive countries in South America. I hope to end this leg of the journey by living and working in Buenos Aires, probably sometime around May or June 2010. Please contact me if you have any connections in B.A. – I need a job!

The blog is a couple of months behind due to my traveling faster now, leaving less time to blog. But I fully intend to get things caught up soon.

Here are some of the books, websites, and people that inspired me to take this trip – or things that might inspire you to do the same.

Please leave comments on things you like or don’t like, so it’s not all one-sided.  😎

Finally, if you’ve gotten useful information from the blog or simply been entertained, please consider leaving a donation to fund further travel stories – even just a few dollars helps.

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  • Debra says:


    It is wonderful to be see someone like yourself just get out there and do it rather than talk about doing it.

    Good on you!

    I really enjoy your blog.

  • Rob says:

    Hey, found your blog after seeing your post on Thorntree. Really interesting reading! Nice to see someone a little older like me travelling and their impressions of things. I’ve done a few solo trips to Latin America myself, but never for as long as your gig. Keep posting, it’s a great read!

  • Kate says:

    Josh … clicked on the blog after seeing the Lonely Planet post. Heading to Ecuador in November for five weeks and it’s great to get a little taste first … well done, and thanks!


  • John Torres says:

    Darling, hope you are doing well…I’m sorry for not visiting this incredible site as much as I should have. You adventures look and sound inspiring. It’s snowing this New Years eve morning in Brooklyn. Quite beautiful actually. I’m heading to Buenos Aires at the end of January. I doubt you will be there by then but if you are, a rendez vous will be in order. Much love from the northern hemisphere.
    Your dude John

  • Outdooralex says:

    Josh… found your blog after reading up on Lonely Planet. I’m heading to Ecuador soon and it’s great to hear your point of view about South America – and well written and witty, too!

    I commend you!
    Alexander from Berlin, Germany

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