Good News

Two bits of good news to share:

1) One of my bestest friends, Marissa, has heeded my call to come down and spend Xmas with me! Not only does this mean I won’t be sad and lonely on Christmas, but we’re going to have a blast traveling around Nicaragua together. She flies into Managua on 12/23, and leaves on 12/30 – one week. We’ll probably spend Christmas in Granada, then a couple of days on the island, maybe the coast, who knows. Me estoy felize!

2) I got a wonderful note from my father informing me that he has been reading the blog religiously, and even following along with an atlas! Isn’t that sweet? Thanks, Pop!

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To Twitter or not to Twitter?

For those not in the know, Twitter is a micro-blogging service whereby one person sends out short updates (no longer than 140 characters), and other people subscribe to these updates. You can receive the updates as text messages on your phone, as an instant message on your computer, as an e-mail, RSS feed, or simply by checking a website.

The reason I’m considering this is because I nearly always have cell service, whereas I’m only able to find internet access about once a week. Some of you (mom) get concerned if you haven’t heard from me in a few days, and this would be an easy way for me to stay in touch in between blog posts. I would simply send a text message from my phone, and it would appear wherever you want it to – on your phone, in an e-mail, etc.

It’s easy, and free, and I’d be happy to send out little messages of what I’m up to every day or two (I promise I wouldn’t be like some Twitterers who send 20 messages a day every time they pick their nose..) But it only makes sense to do if at least a few people are interested.

So let me know.

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New do

I went in for just a touch-up to Sol’s wonderful cut, and before I knew it, the lady had put the #2 to my entire head!
This is the shortest my hair has ever been. Remember, for most of my adult life I had long hair.

The funniest part was when she finished shaving my neck and all, she started spraying some cologne or something on me. But I thought it couldn’t be cologne, based on how much she was using! Sure enough, it was cologne. I was a walking stink bomb until I could get back to the hotel to wash it off. Then again, no one except me would have minded – I can smell many of the professional men long before they pass me on the street.

I think the glasses help soften the harshness. What do you think?

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New phone number

Got a Honduran chip for the mobile today. Feel free to call!
+504 959 549 09

UPDATE: I can receive texts on this number (unlike the Guatemalan number), so feel free to text me..

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