My mobile phone number here in Buenos Aires is +54 (9) (11) 3948-3398. If you’re calling from within Argentina, drop the ’54’ country code and replace the ‘9’ with a ’15’. ’11’ is the area code for Buenos Aires, which you don’t have to dial if you’re calling from within the capital region. The cellular company is Movistar. I believe I can send and receive international texts. Try me!

The land line at our apartment (house phone) is +54 (011) 4554-2194. If you’re calling from Buenos Aires, drop the +54 country code and drop the 011 city code for B.A. (just dial the last 8 digits). Note that if calling from abroad (no matter if you’re using a calling card or SkypeOut) it’s much cheaper to call the land line than the mobile number.

Our mailing address is:
Zapata 592, 5º B
Capital Federal
Buenos Aires

My Skype username is the_kydd, although I am only sporadically online. You can see if I’m online at the moment by glancing at the button in the sidebar to the right.

My CouchSurfing member name is JJtravels. On that profile page, you can see a map of all the countries I’ve been to in my life, learn about my interests, and see lots more photos of yours truly.

My Lonely Planet profile is luminous_flux. Go there to read my questions and answers to the traveler’s community.

My Google Buzz feed collates my blog posts, Twitter tweets, YouTube videos, and other goodies. Follow me by going to my Google profile. [By the way, here are all of my other, non-YouTube videos. And here is a random assortment of photos from the blog, as collated by Google Image Search.]

My Twitter username is JJtravels. Follow me to receive my tweets (as in the sidebar to the right), including notice every time there is a new blog posting. You can also subscribe to my Twitter RSS feed or subscribe via email with this form. Don’t worry, you’ll only receive a maximum of one email per day, even if I tweet more than that:
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Please leave a comment on things you like or don’t like about the blog.

If you don’t want to leave a comment, you can always email me directly at blog (at)

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  • Richard Hsu says:

    Hey Josh!

    What have you been up to the past 20 years?


  • Lisa Rough says:

    Wow, hi there Josh! I am new to twitter and goofing off looking up people of the past, and there you were. What a wonderful adventure you’re on… anyhow, just thought I’d say hi. 🙂 It’s been what… 15 years or so?


  • willie says:

    Hello. Enjoyed your blog, so far…haven’t finished reading it yet.. I am sure it is brilliant….Where did you stay in Quito? Any recommendations for hostels there? For some reason, I could not open the Quito page on your blog. Pls. email back. Thanks much.


    P.S. I will be doing a 9 to 10 month trip to Latin America, starting in Quito late October. Then maybe I will mosey over to Colombia or/and Peru, then down to Bolivia, Chile, Argentina, and maybe Uruguay. I have not iron-forged plans re my itinerary. Your insights would be very helpful to me.I am most interested in your three-month sojourn in Ecuador. I might want to stay there for a couple months before going to Perus or Colombia. Would you like to chat? Pls. email back. Gracias.

  • Greg Parchello says:

    Great job Josh!
    Consider any one of the follwing as your new moniker (or not!):
    How do you handle the cash situation – I found that in Colombia, each withdrawal from ATM carried a $5 charge-
    Also, did you get to Salinas? I had this place in mind plus some of those you mention in your blog.
    Mil gracias


    • Josh says:

      Hi Greg, thanks for the name suggestions! I assume you’re responding to that story I wrote of the woman I met in Quito who had to change her name when she moved down here because her birth name was unpronounceable in Spanish… and I was lamenting the fact that I’m in the same boat – “Josh” always comes back as “Jis” or some such abomination. In Central America they called me Yosh, which I liked. But for some reason it’s interpreted differently down here.

      I’ve been withdrawing all my cash from ATM’s. I assume the $5 charge was from your home bank, not from the bank you withdrew from, right? Before leaving the States, I found a bank (Commerce) that doesn’t have foreign transaction fees. They’re rare, but they exist. Now I’m worried – are local banks charging me a fee?? Gotta go look!

      One tip for travelers to Ecuador – Banco del Austria is the only national bank I found that doesn’t charge a withdrawal fee. All the others charge between $1-$2. But they’re upfront about it – either there is a sign on the ATM or in the screens after you punch in your code. Anyway, look for a Banco de Austria (they’re big, in every major town) and you’ll be good.

      Salinas, on the Ecuadorian coast? No, the beach towns I went to were a bit further north. I hear it’s nice, though – it’s where all the Guayaquilians (?) go to the beach, right?

  • Debra Curry says:

    Why do I keep getting old posts on my email now??? from a year ago and such? I am confused. I got one saying you were kind of struggling but then the ones coming through keep going back in time? Where are the current ones?

    • Josh says:

      A few days ago I changed the RSS feed to include more posts so these would show up on Lonely Planet’s blog programme. I had no idea this little change would cause the email aggregator to send you all the old ones. I really apologize, I can imagine how annoying that must have been. But it should be over by now. Please tell me if you’re continuing to receive old posts, and I’ll look into it.

      • Josh says:

        I’ve finally fixed all the problems with the RSS feed. I’m now using Feedburner for all subscriptions.
        If you’re still receiving duplicate emails from FeedMyInbox with old blog posts, unsubscribe from that service, then resubscribe using the form to the right, and all should be well.

  • Andy Buchelly says:

    Hey…traveler…how are u?? do u remember me?? I am the girl of the red hair….hahahahha.I am living in US right now…I am studying Psychology…I was checking my Couch…and i found you…good memories…write me back and give me and email address to keep in touch with you…regards,

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